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We work with patients with no insurance. This is a great affordable service for those who want to pay out of pocket. We don’t accept insurance for this offer. A doctor’s order is not required to order your test. Just order online (or by phone) and the results will be emailed directly to you. All tests are tested in a Certified CLIA Waived Laboratory.

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The Full Story

Tohnyonah Jackson is the owner and founder of Angel Hands Mobile Lab in Oklahoma City. She started as a CNA in 2002 and decided in 2006 she wanted to move up in the medical field. After testing and failing to get into Nursing School she decided to go ahead and try Medical Assisting. Before graduating she felt her calling was in Phlebotomy. After graduating in May of 2008 as a Medical Assistant, she was hired at DLO in June of 2008. Although it was very rocky being fresh out of school phlebotomists, she still managed to keep pushing to learn and grow in the lab. She has worked as a processor, other mobile lab services, held positions as a lead phlebotomist, traveling phlebotomist. Anything that phlebotomists can do she has done it. In 2019 she decided she wanted to expand her skill and start her very own mobile lab service here in OKC. With the networking and researching, she now owns a mobile lab service in OKC that services those who don’t have insurance to get lab work done at a very affordable rate, those who have an issue by leaving their home as well as their employment. You can call us the Uber for the lab. We are looking to expand in a draw facility very soon and grow to servicing nursing facilities. Our vision for this company is expand not only in Oklahoma City but other states as well and we will get there!

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